Crimethink aims to explore the relationship between speculative fiction and politics. Speculative fiction is science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all their respective subgenres and off-shoots. Politics is whatever you think it is.

Crimethink examines the ways in which these worlds intersect. Part essay collection, part magazine, part newspaper, part guest blog, we ask only that if you enjoy our free contents, please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders what you would have paid to read us in ebook.

The print edition, available here, will donate $1.90 to Doctors Without Borders with each copy sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is speculative fiction?
Minitrue defines speculative fiction as "a fiction genre speculating about worlds that are unlike the real world in various important ways." Articles in Crimethink should cover everything from science fiction to apocalyptic to Weird Tales to alternate history.

What is politics?
In this context, politics refers to governmental politics in all its flavors--from Big Brother to the Kings of Gondor to the revolution on Anarres--but also to social politics, to gender, race, and class relations, and whatever else you can fit under this particular umbrella. When it comes to selecting articles for publication in Crimethink, I'm more concerned with how well thought-out your work is than whether its definition of politics exactly conforms with mine.

How do I donate?
This page has a link to the Doctors without Borders donation page. If you would like to donate to a different charity, that is also fine and wonderful and makes the world a better place. Thank you!

When the print edition comes out, it will be sold at cost plus $1.00 (possibly rounded down for an even sale price). Whatever the mark-up ultimately ends up being ($0.92 or $1.00 or $0.60), I write a check to Doctors Without Borders for one full dollar for every copy sold. More likely, I will write a check for every ten or fifty or a hundred copies sold, as a $1.00 check isn't really worth postage.

How do I know my donations will reach Doctors Without Borders?
This is easy; because you're the one making the donation. For all online donations, the money will never pass through Crimethink's hands. That would be difficult, anyway, as Crimethink's hands are intangible.

For the print edition, I will post an update on this page whenever I write a check to Doctors Without Borders, including sales figures and a scan of the check (the "pay to the order of" lines, of course, not my bank account number. You don't need to know that!). A slightly inelegant system, but we will make it work.

Why Doctors Without Borders?
Because they do great and necessary work. And--particularly important for a project focusing on politics--they are neutral. Regardless of our political leanings or lack thereof, we can agree when it comes to bringing medical aid to those who need it.

What's in it for you?
This question implies another one: who are you? I'm Megan Arkenberg, student, fantasy writer and editor. I'm doing this because
  • I love speculative fiction, I love reading thoughtful articles about it, and I think Crimethink's focus is genuinely interesting.
  • I want to help a charity that I admire greatly.

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